Shivering Denizens


Ron E. Banner – acoustic guitar/electric guitar/lead vocals
Lee Harvey Hartwood – lead guitar/banjo
Hank Leinonen – stand up bass, electric bass, backing vocals, juice harp
Bob Barraza – drums, percussion, backing vocals

We recently got an early listen to the newest CD by the Shivering Denziens entitled "Baker-Whiteley". With the name coming from a coal mining town in Pennsylvania, one cannot help to recognize that this is a record based on American Country roots.

With a pure outlaw swagger the groups starts off with the title track "Baker-Whiteley" with hints of coal mining, moonshine, and war. From this point the record kicks ya like an old mule right between the eyes.

With banjo, standup bass, juice harp, guitar and ole fashion percussion each song builds on the twisted train.

The record has great stories involving Buford T Justice, Cold Blood Killers, Evil Women, Cheatin Women, and of course "The Whistler", so there just is simply something for everyone, from ole fashion country to outlaw hillbilly hoedowns with a touch of swing. Of course we cannot forget the mad momma with a mean ole rollin pin.

This record is a must have in the collection of all true Twisted Hillbillies. So go check out some samples at the link below and I am sure you will love it as much as we do.

Moe Hillbilly



BIO/Record Background

Baker-Whiteley, a small coal miner's town in PA, was where Ron E. Banner's Grandfather brought the family from Budapest, Hungry. Like most immigrants in the early 20th Century, the family went through tough times and had to do what they could to feed the family. This is a real American story and is what this country is all about. Don't get me wrong, this is not a "Patriotic" record. Each song has it's own theme and it's really just a collection of songs...Songs about working hard, hardly working, religious obsessions, murder, lust and the supernatural.

Recorded by Rob Bursmith (Pleasure Elite, Go Like Hell) at his studio in White Center, WA.  We brought back Fred Speakman in to play some guitar and piano.  We also brought Ando Ehlers (Farmageddon Recording Artist) in to play accordion on Double Shot, Honky Tonk Witch, Angel’s Last Waltz and Baker-Whitely.  We were also joined by Janet Adams-Shwaub and Nathan Adams for some backing Vocals on Honky Tonk Witch, Mad Momma, Angels Last Waltz and Richard Ramirez.



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