There's a new buzz in the Mountains. It's a little further east and a well kept, but gettin' loose, secret, called COFFEEZ in Jefferson City, Tennessee. The "brain child" of one Tim Abair, the club has the intimate "old school" feel. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in atmosphere. Tim is also at the helm of Twelve Monkeys Productions, which books bands from all over the country, to our gorgeous hills of upper east Tennessee. The venue is located right on the fringe of Carson Newman College in the historic district. The great revelation to those of us at the Twisted Hillbilly came when Tim announced the NEW venue he has lined up to open in the middle part of 2008. It will be a far larger venue, to accommodate the major label acts that circulate through our area, and a true state of the art venue that will attract many more. We'll get in to that more later. For now, just be assured that Tim and the whole gang at COFFEEZ and Twelve Monkey's Productions are doing everything in their power to enlarge our little dot on the Metal Map.

Twisted Hillbilly will be covering LIFE RUINER February 7th, at COFFEEZ ,and we look forward to experiencing such a grinding metal sound in a style of venue that takes me back to "the roots". We hope you can make it. Our thanks to Tim, COFFEEZ, and Twelve Monkeys' Productions for inviting Twisted Hillbilly Magazine along for the ride.

Hillbilly Skip