Black Stone Cherry



What an amazing week. One of the highlights was, of course, BLACK STONE CHERRY. This band is one of our personal favorites. It's in the influences, the attitude, the LYRICS and that SOUND !!! These guys evoke all kinds of recollections when listened to by the well rounded purveyor of music.

There is the presence of the "Old School" Hard Rock and Southern Rock we grew up on and then, all the elements of today as well. This is like the classic stuff on Steroids! Though they delve into some of the dark themes in life, BLACK STONE CHERRY does NOT "live there".

They also write some of the more positive music (lyrically) that we've heard in a long time. It is refreshing to see a band out there that will do the Uplifting Music that was at one time so prevalent in the recent past. The song LONELY TRAIN is one of the songs that we really latched onto and that because of the chorus.

It is a phrase of absolute truths that really makes us smile from ear to ear and it's put in language that is both well crafted and speaks to "every man". This is a band to keep an eye on folks. They are tenured 10 years now and come from good stock as well. We know of at least one member that was literally BORN into the music scene.

The Drummer is the son of Rhythm Guitarist Richard Young and nephew of Drummer Fred Young of the KENTUCKY HEAD HUNTERS !!! The truly cool thing is that we had unknowingly covered these "relations" within a 3 day period. Looks like the Youngs have the music scene surrounded,(mark of true Hillbillies). We'll be bringing you the elders as well, and very soon, in our upcoming coverage of the KENTUCKY HEAD HUNTERS. If you get even the slightest chance to catch BLACK STONE CHERRY in an area venue close to you....DO SO !!!! :o) They are also well worth a drive !!!

2,000,000 Horns in the Air,


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