Blackberry Smoke

We've all heard the phrases "Save your Confederate Money Boys(and Betties) The South's gonna rise again." and "Be Proud you're a Rebel 'cause the South's gonna do it again."....well I hope Y'all saved your money because the South has done rose up and done it gain !

BLACKBERRY SMOKE is a band out of Atlanta and they are part of, and at the forefront of, the explosive resurgence of our long missed SOUTHERN ROCK in the music scene. The influences are obvious, but the sound is all their own and it brandishes an amazing and powerful energy from the first lick.

These guys are not only rippin' it up, it is also obvious that they are enjoying themselves immensely. Such an atmosphere and attitude always produce the best sound and feel in music and BLACKBERRY SMOKE is replete in both.

The band is presently touring with Zac Brown Band and has shared the stage with ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as a host of other notable acts complimentary to the style they play. Their latest album "Little Piece of Dixie" (2009) is a work of art in every respect and an honorable addition to the fact, it's the very type of spark that is helping to introduce the form to the present generation.

The music is "True to roots" Rock-N-Roll, but keeps a hold of that healthy touch of "Country" that has come to be included in the definition of Southern Rock" We were completely blown away at the delivery and reception of this band and their music, and feel that anyone would share that experience, given the chance to hear them...(live or studio).

If you hear of BLACKBERRY SMOKE playing in a venue anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go see them. You will love the music and we dare think....have a fantastic time.

BLACK BERRY SMOKE are: Charlie Starr (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Richard Turner (Bass/Vocals), Britt Turner (Drums), Paul Jackson (Guitar/Vocals), Brandon Still (Keyboard(s)).
They are presently recording on Zac Brown's Label.





















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