The Artimus Pyle Band

Folks, this was one for the books. It's the kind of thing Moe and I live for.

Got to meet a real live LEGEND and one of the many people that inspired our attitude and atmosphere at TWISTED HILLBILLY MAGAZINE. We got face to face with ARTIMUS PYLE of LYNYRD SKYNYRD.

Artimus is one of the remaining few of the original band. His spirit and proficiency have only increased to our estimation. He plays with the same passion we remember 35+ years ago and is surounded by a banner group of musicians that comprise a fantastic sound, especially when listening to the SKYNYRD stuff and were we ever treated to that sound again.

THE ARTIMUS PYLE BAND took the stage right after the KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS were coming off, which lent for a great photo opp. for us. We got to shoot 2 legendary Drummers (Artimus and Fred Young of the Headhunters) exchanging well wishes and a gratitude to be in one another's presence.

As we sat, watched, and listened to the music, it took us back to a time when we were looking to the Rock scene to help us express ourselves and inner REBEL...and here we were , meeting and covering one the VERY people that helped us so much with that expression. Back to our truest beginnings with "The Edge".

The band ripped off each song to perfection and they were having a genuine good time doing it. It is always great to see real smiles coming from the band; it really means everything in a live performance.

They were so friendly toward the fans and as we are always very pleased to see that, it did not surprise us a bit. Artimus and the gang have a reputation for being accessable and they live up to it in spades.

We certainly hope you get a chance to catch THE ARTIMUS PYLE BAND, in fact we would recommend it as essential to anyone. Thanks for being here with us and enjoy the pics.

REBEL Horns,
















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