An Evening with Jesco was a glorious insanity, compounded by the fact that Moe and I showed up early (as usual) to the event. We arrived about 2 hours before show time to "make ready" and boy did we ever ..."Make Ready".

The night that followed was simply awesome. We took in PICK UP THE SNAKE (THE Touring band that has been with Jesco for some time now) and ROGER ALLAN WADE (an OUTLAW Country Singer that hails from the Chattanooga area). We've seen the line up before and will again as many times as we can.

This is a great show, with both Rock and Country openers and then the World Famous Outlaw Buck Dancer JESCO WHITE. We'd like to stop and thank Storm Taylor for all his help and support in our coverages of Jesco and the Whites. Aside from being a friend for years, he has opened a door for us with Jesco and we are so appreciative. The show was everything we've come to expect, including the massive crowds that always adorn the proceedings.

Chattanooga was no exception. They were packed from front wall to back and standing in line down the block, well into the show, and they stood their ground outside, just for the opportunity to catch just a little bit of the show if they could. The venue was RHYTHM AND BREWS and we think they do an excellent job, from the Bar Staff to Security and beyond.

Thanks Folks ! The events that followed are represented in the pictoral....ENJOY... ya crazed HELLBILLIES :o)


We'd also like to take the time to express our most sincere condolences to Storm, Johnny Knoxville, and the entirety of the JACKASS and DICKHOUSE Friends and Staff, on the Tragic loss of Ryan Dunn. We are also sending out our sympathy to the Hartwell Family and Friends in their loss of Zachary, passenger in Ryan's car.


















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