Hanzel Und Gretyl

by Hillbilly Skip



What a freakin’ show !!!!!!!! There I wuz, at our favorite venue “Blue Cats Live’ and who did appear but Hanzel and Gretyl. If this is what became of our childhood fairy tale friends, it was a good thing they cooked that witch. The band took the stage after 2 DJ’s (Bone and ArKady) had finished spinning some awesome Goth Industrial for the well dressed and sensually oriented crowd at hand. It was a surprise for those who were not familiar with this act.



The inevitable “double take” occurred just after the singer VAS opened her mouth. ‘That’s a girl?” was the question in their eyes. The bands Singer/Guitarist belted out tones that few have ever heard from, much less associated with, a female. The lyrics and vocal quality were HARDCORE METAL with a little bit of industrial club sound bringing up the rear.


The stage show was grand if limited. This band needed no special effects, they were a special effect! With the singer/guitarist putting down the instrument from time to time so she could work the crowd, and work them she did. The Bass player was equally talented and entertaining. One got the feeling that these were experienced hands at crowd pleasing.


They ripped off song after song for over two hours and launched into a final song that included pulling a lot of audience members onto the stage with them. More for the party, eh? Then I saw something completely unique. We have all seen band members crowd surf at a show, but this crowd surfing took place on the stage. Nearly 30 people were dragged, or assisted on to the stage and they gave thanks by picking up the Bass/ vocals and gave him a 10 minute ride away from the floor. It was radical.


I HIGHLY reccommend seeing this band whether you are a Hardcore Metaller, or a fan of the Industrial Goth scene. Great show and my undying thanks to Hanzel und Gretyl .

Band Bio

Exploration of the future gave birth to Hanzel und Gretyl. Kaiser Von Loopy and Vas Kallas fixated on a machine approach to music that has since popularized the infamous quote "Machines Good, People Bad." As the human element of musicians fell apart from their former band projects (including Cycle Sluts From Hell), Vas and Loopy were left in the deep black forest of the music business and it was only natural to take on the personas of the fairy tale "Hanzel und Gretyl." What a concept! A futuristic, post apocalyptic, extra terrestrial German fairy tale... Hanzel und Gretyl. Each release tells a chapter to the story.

Earth year 1995

Their first album AUSGEFLIPPT was released on Energy Records. The album, translating to "flipped-out" in German, received great reviews, while their dance single "Shine 2001" reached #1 position on the ALTERNATIVE PRESS Dance Chart. The duo formed a live band, recruiting Ginger Bread on bass and Pat 5000 on drums.

After receiving a plethora of positive reviews, HuG were coined as the "metal industrial band with a great sense of humor" who stood out amongst all the rest. MARILYN MANSON took an interest in HuG and invited them mon tour as support with CLUTCH in 1995 and in direct support in 1996. This opportunity catapulted HuG into the public eye with great admiration.

Earth year 1997

TRANSMISSIONS FROM URANUS was released, and that tour took them through-out the US as a headliner, and as direct support for bands PRONG, SLIPKNOT, and ROB HALFORD. AUSGEFLIPPT and "9D Galactic Center" were played on K-ROCK RADIO stations and "Robot Logik" on the HOWARD STERN show during station ID's, used in the blockbuster movie MORTAL KOMBAT: Annihilation, and played during the 1997 MTV MUSIC AWARDS.

HuG paved the way for US newcomers, RAMMSTEIN, at the CMJ Music Festival in NYC, solidifying the Deutsche-American Fruendshaft. It opened the doors for success on RAMMSTEIN's first ever American tour, with HuG direct support in 1998.

Earth year 2002

After the close of Energy Records, a new day dawned for HuG leaving them legally free, and signed with Metropolis Records.

Earth year 2003

Their much anticipated third epic album, UBER ALLES saw the light of day, as well as an entirely new live band line-up, including the additions of Anna K. (DRAIN STH) and Jon Osterman (INTO DARKNESS). UBER ALLES, served up in the style of a misplaced Wagnerian space-metal opera lost in time, chewed up by distorted synthetic filters and pummeled by a million homicidal robot drums manipulated by mastermind Loopy, and the much feared Vas Kallas. The album received rave reviews musically, pulled Four Star Reviews in KERRANG and equally enthusiastic accolades from New York City's VILLAGE VOICE. HuG performed an extremely successful head-lining tour, and toured as direct support to the GENITORTURERS.

Earth year 2004 - 2005

SCHEISSMESSIAH was released on Metropolis Records. No longer innocent in the deep black forest, but powerful and sturdy in sound and message - HuG survives the wicked witches of the world and continues to bring pleasure and pain amongst a HuG world! Their music products were picked up by HOT TOPIC and iTunes, so that now the HuG message is even more widely distributed. The album is hailed as required listening for fans of industrial metal along side Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and Ministry by REVOLVER MAGAZINE! Appearing as direct support to MINISTRY to push their new album, they played 2000 - 3000 capacity venues to sold out shows, receiving an overwhelmingly positive crowd response (think Deutsche-Freuleins gone wild!) Mark Baker (MINISTRY) joined the HuG team as drummer thereafter.

Earth year 2006

HuG were recently cited SPIN magazine as 'the only reason to go to a festival like Gothicfest'. They secured new management with Dark Moon Entertainment, and are in the studio recording a teaser CD for their autumn "OKTOTENFEST 2006" festival tour, which features fellow label mates Bella Morte as support.
The concept: a party to the death!

Receiving support from Metropolis Records, and sponsors including JAGERMEISTER, COFFIN CASE, MANIC PANIC and HOT TOPIC. This tour will be publicized through media and radio, including ads in Outburn and Terrorizer, and features in AP, kerrang, Revolver, Pit and BWBK.

HANZEL und GRETYL current lineup:

Loopy: Guitars & Vocals
Vas Kallas: Guitars & Vocals


"TBA" 2007
Metropolis Records (to be released)

"Oktotenfest 2006"
Teaser CD, Metropolis Records

Metropolis Records

Metropolis Records

Energy Records

Energy Records

"kindermuzik" 1994
demo, co-produced by Bryce Goggin (Ramones, Space Hog)


2006 Oct. - Oktotenfest

2005 Sept. - Gothicfest 2005

2004 Sept. - Dec. "Evil doer Tour"
Direct Support for MINISTRY

2003 Sept. - Dec.
Direct Support for GENITORTURERS

2003 June - July "Fukken Uber Tour"

1998 April - May
Direct Support for RAMMSTEIN

1997 Sept. - Dec.
Support for PRONG

1997 Spring - "Transmissions From Uranus Tour"

1996 Feb.
Direct Support for MARILYN MANSON

1995 November

:: end transmission ::